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Work Site Setup - A Breeze not a Burden.

With the average human adult already making over 30,000 decisions in any one day, don't let yourself get bogged down with the difficulty of work site setups. 

There are many factors that go into planning how your site is going to look and function. 

"Do you have the space required?" 

"Do you need a generator?" 

"How many workers will be on site?"

These are just some of the questions that need to be asked when looking at setting up your work site. 

Here at Ord Industrial, we aim to make it simple

Our Hire Desk and Business Development Managers work diligently to give you the answers to your questions. With a mix of site surveys and meetings we look to offer you the full package - from initial drawings, to the placement of cabins and powering of generators, we will make it as seamless as possible. 

What we can offer:

  • Bespoke Cabin Design - Make anything happen.

  • Welfare Units - All in one units.

  • Full Site Survey - Covering all bases.

  • Power Management - Making sure the lights never go out.

  • Waste & Water Servicing - Keep everything flowing the way it should.

  • Powered Access Platforms - Reach those hard to get to places.

Looking to get started on your next project? Get in touch with us here!

Two Floor Modular Building Site Setup
Ord Industrial - Two Floor Modular Buildings

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