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Boom Lifts, The Powerful Ally for Any Job

Genie SX-180, One of the largest Boom Lifts in the World
SX-180, One of the Largest Boom Lifts in the World

In the realm of construction, efficiency and versatility are paramount. Among the arsenal of tools that contribute to the smooth functioning of a construction project, one piece of equipment stands tall - both literally and metaphorically - the boom lift. An often unsung hero of construction sites, boom lifts bring unparalleled flexibility, enhancing productivity and ensuring safety.

A boom lift, also known as a cherry picker, is a type of aerial work platform that allows workers to reach heights that would be otherwise inaccessible. These machines are a staple in construction projects across the North of Scotland, thanks to their adaptability in the face of diverse project requirements.

Two Workers using a Genie Boom Lift to work on a site out of reach.
Genie Boom Lift in Action

One of the key advantages of boom lifts is their reach. Unlike ladders or scaffolding, which have limitations, boom lifts can extend to impressive heights and angles. They come in a variety of types and sizes, including telescopic boom lifts for tasks that require a higher reach and articulating boom lifts, ideal for projects that need greater flexibility to navigate around obstacles.

But the versatility of boom lifts extends beyond their range. Their sturdy platform provides a safe and secure workspace, even at lofty heights. Workers can carry out tasks such as painting, window installation, tree trimming, and more, with greater efficiency and reduced risk. The platform can accommodate tools and materials, eliminating the time-consuming need to frequently ascend and descend.

Genie Boom Lift being used to work on a bridge.
Genie Boom Lift being used to reach Incredible Heights.

Boom lifts also offer the benefit of mobility. With their robust design, they can traverse different terrains, making them a viable choice not only for construction

projects but also for outdoor events, maintenance services, and even in the film industry. Additionally, with options like electric-powered and bi-fuel boom lifts, projects can choose the type that aligns with their environmental and operational considerations.

In the dynamic world of construction, adaptability is key, and the boom lift is a shining example of a multipurpose tool that adjusts to the project's needs, not the other way around. As we at Ord Industrial continue to provide top-of-the-range plant hire equipment, the boom lift remains a reliable partner, meeting the diverse demands of construction projects across the North of Scotland. Would you like to stay up to date with what Ord has to offer? Sign up for our weekly inventory! Sign up on our home page.

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